Weaponry Part 2

Swords are all nice and fancy, but how about those times when you do not want to get near the danger and want a way to still neutralise said danger?

The obvious answer is ranged weaponry, which in our case will be flintlock weapons.

However, a full flintlock mechanism would take a lot of work, so for the sake of time (and my sanity) I looked for simpler alternatives and what I found was percussion locks:

While they’re not the simplest, half of the mechanism (the “nipple” and cap) is way simpler.


On to the actual weapons I need:

A blunderbuss:

Image result for blunderbuss

Image result for blunderbuss



And rifles:

Image result for flintlock rifle

Related image


These should be the two only variants I’ll need. More to come if I see the need for more.


The upside in terms of efficiency is that making one will speed up the process of the other, since I could possibly take the first and make the necessary modifications to turn it into the other. This allows me to pay more attention to the details than otherwise.



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